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Fantastic Four Movie

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Fantastic Four Movie

Fantastic Four Movie news

Now The X-MEN And FANTASTIC FOUR Have Returned Home To Marvel Studios...What Comes Next?!
Fox has confirmed that Disney's acquisition of its film and TV assets is complete, but the question on the minds of MCU fans is, "What does this mean for the X-Men and Fantastic Four?" Here's what we know!

21st Century Fox Officially Announces That The Disney Acquisition Is Now A Done Deal
We knew an announcement was imminent, and 21st Century Fox has today confirmed that it has completed the distribution of all issued and outstanding shares in connection with the Disney acquisition...

DOCTOR DOOM Remains An Uncertainty... But Kevin Feige Did Recently Express Interest In Noah Hawley's Script
Noah Hawley's Doctor Doom movie has essentially been stuck in a state of limbo for the past year and while it may not happen under the Fox banner, it may have piqued some interest over at Marvel Studios...

Disney-Fox Deal Is Expected To Be Finalized By Mid-March
Though it was initially reported that the Disney-Fox deal would be finalized by late 2018, we now have word that everything is expected to be ironed out over the next couple of weeks. More past the jump.

10 X-MEN And FANTASTIC FOUR Characters Marvel Studios Should Prioritise Following The Disney/Fox Merger
With Fox's Marvel movies "on hold," the X-Men and Fantastic Four are closer to returning home than ever before. These are the heroes and villains who should be a priority for Marvel Studios moving forward!

ANT-MAN AND THE WASP Director Sheds Some Light On His 1960s Set FANTASTIC FOUR Movie Pitch
Director Peyton Reed brought Ant-Man to the Marvel Cinematic Universe but he once pitched a Fantastic Four movie to Fox and has now revealed some fresh intel on what that entailed. Read on for details...

Check Out These Variant Covers For The FANTASTIC FOUR To Celebrate Their Return To Marvel Games
The Fantastic Four are coming back to Marvel Games and, in order to celebrate, Marvel has released four fantastic variant covers for the upcoming issues of Marvel's First Family.

Marvel's Cancelled 1994 FANTASTIC FOUR Movie Is Now Available To Watch Online For Your Viewing...Pleasure?!
The 2005 Fantastic Four movie wasn't the first live-action adaptation featuring the iconic team and now the full version of the 1994 adaptation from Roger Corman has been released online. Check it out...

With The Fox/Disney Merger Set To Be Completed Sooner Than Expected, Here's What It Might Mean For The MCU
Earlier this week, we learned that the Fox/Disney merger will be completed much sooner than anyone ever expected but what does that mean for the Fantastic Four and X-Men's arrival in the MCU? Take a look!

Awesome FANTASTIC FOUR Fan-Art Brings The Team To Life In The Marvel Cinematic Universe
We know that the Marvel Cinematic Universe will soon include the X-Men and Fantastic Four and this very cool fan-art puts some great actors in the team's redesigned suits! Hit the jump to check it out...

15 Huge Storylines Which Just Became Possible In The MCU Now The X-MEN And FANTASTIC FOUR Are Coming Home
With the Disney/Fox deal official, we take a look at the comic book storylines which are no longer off limits to Marvel Studios now the X-Men and Fantastic Four characters are finally coming to the MCU!

FANTASTIC FOUR Alum Ioan Gruffudd Wants To Join The Marvel Cinematic Universe As A Villain
Ioan Gruffudd played Mr. Fantastic in the Fantastic Four movies but the actor has taken on a lot of different roles since then and is now hoping he can become part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe...

Fox Shareholder Files Lawsuit To Block Disney's Proposed Acquisition Of Film And Media Assets
Just as things were looking good for Disney winning the bidding war for the bulk of 21st Century Fox's film & media assets, a shareholder named Robert Weiss has filed a lawsuit in opposition to the deal.

ANT-MAN AND THE WASP Director Peyton Reed Reiterates His Desire To Tackle A FANTASTIC FOUR Movie
While doing press for Ant-Man & The Wasp, director Peyton Reed revealed that he worked on a Fantastic Four film back in 2003, and would love the opportunity to take another crack at Marvel's First Family.

Disney's Acquisition Of 21st Century Fox Has Secured Approval From Justice Department, But It's Not Over Yet
Disney's acquisition of 21st Century Fox's film assets took a big step in the right direction today as the U.S. Department of Justice announced that they've approved the deal, but it's still far from over.

When The FANTASTIC FOUR Return To Marvel Studios, Laurence Fishburne Wants A Role
At the Ant-Man and the Wasp premiere, actor Laurence Fishburne let it be known that even though he already co-stars in the MCU as Bill Foster, aka Black Goliath, he's got his eye on a Fantastic Four gig.

ANT-MAN AND THE WASP Director Peyton Reed "Dreams" Of Bringing The FANTASTIC FOUR To The MCU
Ant-Man and The Wasp director Peyton Reed has made it clear that he's a big fan of the Fantastic Four and with the team seemingly set to debut in the MCU very soon, the filmmaker now has some big ideas...

Noah Hawley's DOCTOR DOOM Has A Finished Script But The Fox/Disney Merger Puts The Film At Risk
With Legion showrunner Noah Hawley set to direct, Fox's solo Doctor Doom film has caused a lot of excitement among fans. But will the Disney/Fox merger stop the project despite it having a finished script?

Bad News For Marvel Fans, As Comcast Says It's Ready To Outbid Disney For 21st Century Fox's Assets
We had heard that Comcast might be in a position to outbid Disney for the majority of Fox's assets, and it looks like that day has come. Obviously, this would be a major disappointment for Marvel fans...

Disney May Be Willing To Let Go Of Sky In Order To Complete Acquisition Of 21st Century Fox
After getting word that Comcast was willing to submit a cash offer to outbid Disney, it looks like the House of Mouse may be considering letting go of the crown jewel that is Sky to appease Comcast.

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